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Eccentric / Concentric Reducer Fitting

Eccentric / Concentric Reducer Fitting
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Model: Eccentric / Concentric Reducer Fitting

Eccentric / Concentric Reducer Fitting

There are two options available, of Concentric Reducer or Eccentric Reducer.


An Eccentric Reducer, also called a Bell reducer, has two female (inside) threads of different sizes with centers so designed that when they are joined, the two pieces of pipe are not in line with each other, but they can be installed so as to provide optimum drainage of the line.

The fitting is designed with the smaller outlet off center to the larger end, allowing it to align with only one side of the inlet. The reducer fittings are designed to be welded with ease and offer superior strength and leak resistance.

Eccentric Reducer must be installed with straight side up to prevent trapping air at the pump suction. They are designed to allow simple connection of different sized pipes. These can be used as pipe reducers, flexible connectors and vibration eliminators.

Eccentric Reducers eliminate noise and isolate vibration in the pipeline, reduces stress, eliminates electrolysis and protects against start-up surges.


A Concentric Reducer joins the tube sections on the same axis. They connect unequal size pipes that have a common centerline and are used for TC transitions in vertical tubing.

A Concentric Reducer has different size ends to mate hose or tubing of different diameter that joins tube sections on the same axis. Since virtually all piping systems go through changes in diameter either in the run or at the equipment connections, a reducer serves the dual purpose of changing the piping diameter and at the same time that of handling the expansion, misalignment or vibration problem.

While there are published transition sizes and face to face dimensions, it is seldom that the cataloged sizes refer to what is required on the jobsite. Hence, the face to face dimensions as well as the two flange sizes are varied to fit the application. Thus, Custom reducers are easily manufactured as per the specifications.

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