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PT. Citra Abadi Teknik Indonesia, which is engaged in general trading, supplies pipe, fittings, bolt nut Supplier for piping construction and also as fabrication company.

We providing engineering services company and we also produces special bolt nut And flanges following the development of industry in Indonesia. Innovation is expected to be a solution and facilitators to the needs of engineering materialsfor piping, fittings and bolt nutfor strengthen your construction.

Supported by a number of staff and management who are experienced in their field, and our experienced to supplies various kind of Pipe, fittings, flanges and special bolt nut. by various high quality of machining tools, We have been able to preserve a good reputation by completing construction projects with a high standard of customer satisfaction and on time.


We will back up any of your specific order and your specific enquiries to field of manufacturing engineering and toproviding of services at competitive prices supported by a reliable business group to complement each other.

And support your standard construction for standard product of ANSI, JIS, DIN, MSS, AWWA, and also non-standard product flanges as your fabrication activities.

By the time, the development of technology leads to better innovation performance and continuous improvement, this is the reasons for us to always provide the best solutions and give a satisfaction to ourcustomers

We have a vision and mission to become a strategic partner capable of providing customer satisfaction and to be the best Suppliers for Pipe, Fittings, Bolt Nut and Fabrication Firm in Asia.